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Overture with the Arts delivers arts education programs for youth who come from all walks of life. Each presentation is exciting, engaging and memorable, giving young people the opportunity to get creative and enjoy the art of performance. Using music as a vehicle for education and creative exploration, students are introduced to elements of history, social and cultural change, issues facing today’s young people, as well as different genres of entertainment.

OWTA works in collaboration with schools and communities to ensure program content complements the academic curriculum and the interests of the students. Workshops and tours are targeted to elementary schools, high schools and colleges in the greater Montreal area. Program instructors foster an environment that is safe and supportive, while still allowing participants to have fun and let loose. Currently, all of our programs are offered in English. However, all of our instructors are bilingual.

It is essential that the program content and delivery resonate with audiences. For this reason, OWTA employs the talents of up-and-coming local artists as well as favourite music icons to capture the attention of the kids. Participants always leave smiling and appreciate doing something different in their day – OWTA shakes things up in the most positive way!

Organizations: To inquire about booking an OWTA program or show for your school or community group, please contact us directly.

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