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meet the team

Akilah Newton

Founder & Executive Director

Akilah Newton has a deep appreciation for performing arts. Early in life, she discovered a fascination with dramatic arts while performing in an elementary school production of Annie. She continued to nurture her interest with training in music, drama, dance, and stage production. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Music & Entertainment Management, she felt a need to give back to the community that had helped foster her own dreams and aspirations in performing arts. Recognizing that not all kids have the means to participate in arts programs, she set out to make training accessible to young people from all socio-economic backgrounds. She founded Overture with the Arts in 2009 to share her passion and experience with the youth in her community. Reaching out to her network of talented artists and friends, Akilah assembled a team of dedicated instructors to deliver fun, power-packed educational sessions. Since then, new programs have been added to OWTA’s arts education, responding to the creative needs of Montreal’s youth.

Omari Newton

Actor, Writer, Comedian, MC

Montreal-born artist, Omari Newton, is a professional actor, writer, poet, Comedian and MC whose work can be seen on television, film, stage or heard on radio. He is currently a City of Vancouver funded Artist in Residence with Urban Ink. His stage work in Québec has earned him a number of favorable reviews and awards. Some career highlights include a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his work in the Centaur Theatre’s production of Joe Penhal’s “Blue Orange” (Soirée des masques). The play also went on to win Best English Language Production (Soirée des masques). He is the winner of Champion of Vancouver’s 2010 Pan African Poetry Slam, a qualifying event in the Van Slam Poetry season.

Kim Sullivan

TV Personality, Educator

Born and raised in Montreal, Kim obtained 3 degrees, traveled to over 30 countries and lived on 3 continents before becoming a teacher for the deaf. Too quiet for her, 3 years in, she threw herself into Montreal’s radio scene! After enjoying broadcasting stints in Winnipeg and Ottawa, where she also had her own bucket-list-accomplishing TV show, move #3 brings Kim back to Montreal! It’s been 9 years since she first started her career in the city and she’s thrilled to be back! Kim loves to give back to the community and teaches broadcast journalism for our student run radio program, Overture Radio.

Jordann Ades

executive assistant

Jordann Ades has been volunteering since the age of 9 for various residences for the elderly, and started working with The West Island Mission and Overture with the Arts when was 10 years old. Her passions include dance, music, acting and helping others. She is looking forward to fulfilling her love of the arts and making a difference in other people’s lives as a member of the Overture with the Arts family.