OWTA is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with The Sonia Balazovjech Dance Company (SBDC). To help raise funds to build an arts centre for OWTA, OWTA and SBDC have joined forces to bring you Ovation. Ovation is a dance show that will raise funds and awareness about the benefits and importance of engaging in the performing arts and its impact on our community and promises to be a beautiful and engaging evening.

Dates: March 21 to 23
Location: Locale 514, 5765 Rue Paré, Mont-Royal
Info and Tickets: http://www.sbdcmtl.com/ovation-032019/


The Sonia Balazovjech Dance Company’s mission is to use dance as a powerful tool to raise awareness and funds for various charities and organizations that render valuable services to our community.

With high standards in place, SBDC is committed to training its dancers. Quality technique and performance abilities permit SBDC to achieve its mission in an impactful way. From various dance and professional backgrounds, volunteer members draw on their personal strengths and expertise to produce quality pieces of work that meet and exceed expectations, allowing audiences to enjoy every aspect of the SBDC experience (dance, light, sound, overall atmosphere). For SBDC the quality of educational awareness is on par with the quality of entertainment value and execution.