Overture with the Arts (OWTA) is a non-profit organization based in Montreal, offering education in music, dance, drama and vocal training. Our free and low-cost programs enable young people to pursue their passion in the performing arts when they wouldn’t otherwise have the finances to afford classes. OWTA helps kids find a creative outlet for self-expression and builds confidence and poise. Since 2009 approximately 50,000 youth have benefitted from our  after-school programs and school tours. View our Programs.

In May 2014 we were the recipients of a Montreal Community Cares Award; an awards gala that recognizes Montreal’s unsung heroes. We received an accolade in the Community Organization category for our years of service and commitment to bringing the arts to marginalized youth. Additionally, in November 2014 we were recognized by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation for building awareness and understanding of Canadian values that are reflective of Canadian diversity for our in-school program, Songs of Freedom.

Using the arts as a vehicle for education, OWTA incorporates multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary elements to foster an environment of learning, sharing and, of course, fun!

Drawing on the passion and talents of our team of instructors, Overture with the Arts provides engaging workshops, guest speaker sessions, industry mentorships and performance showcases.

OWTA’s activities are funded through grants, sponsorships and donations.

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