Promotional Video from the 2018 Triple AAA Tour (Artists, Athletes & Activism): A presentation that highlights the intersection of protest and popular culture in celebration of Black History Month

Sponsored by the Department of Canadian Heritage Inter-Action Program

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2019 Black History Month Tour
B.R.A.W.L (Black Revolutionary Activists Women List)

 Overture with the Arts (OWTA) is proud to present B.R.A.W.L (Black Revolutionary Activists Women List) as the topic of our 2019 Black History Month school tour. As the title suggests, B.R.A.W.L will enlighten students about the many heroic contributions black women have made in the struggle for black liberation throughout history, from slave plantations, all the way through present day. Using OWTA’s trademark edutainment style that combines education, Slam Poetry, Hip Hop, live theatre, stand up comedy, and audience participation/ interaction, B.R.A.W.L will address the far too often neglected sacrifices made by black women.

The presentation will run between 45 minutes to 1 hour, allowing for enough flexibility to accommodate school periods of varying lengths. The presentation will flow chronologically through history, giving students and administrators not only a vital introduction to outstanding black women throughout history, but a vital snap shot of the black experience during different historical eras. This structure will allow us to provide historical context to the climate with which the subjects of our presentation operated, while simultaneously shinning a light on their amazing accomplishments. Additionally, the presentation will showcase the contributions of African Canadian women in particular. The Black History Month conversation too often focuses solely on some of the towering figures of the civil rights movement in the United States of America. Therefore, it is of vital importance to us that students celebrate the sacrifices our own countrymen who have made throughout history. While some American women will be mentioned, the emphasis will be primarily on African Canadians.

Potential B.R.A.W.L subjects include:

Trail Blazers:
Harriet Tubman 1822-1913
Mary Ann Shadd 1823-1893

Rosa Parks 1913-2005
Viola Desmond  1914-1965

Inside Operatives:
Carrie Best 1903- 2001
Jean Augustine 1937 – Present

Angela Davis 1944 – Present
Anne Cools 1944 – Present

New Radicals:
Janaya Kahn (Founder of Black Lives Matter Canada)
Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometti (Founders of Black Lives Matter)

*Please not that subjects may change before the presentation in February