Slam Obsidian” is an interactive presentation that will visit schools across the
country in February to observe Black History Month. This new presentation is 45-minutes in length, recognizing and promoting exceptional African Canadians who have helped promote multiculturalism in Canada.

Omari Newton (actor, writer, slam poet and comedian) will deliver a live interactive presentation that addresses the important role that African Canadians have played in weaving a rich fabric of Black History worldwide. Unfortunately, African Canadians are often overlooked in light of household African American names like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X. As such, it is important to educate young people on the historical contributions of notable African Canadians in order to distinguish and celebrate our unique Canadian cultural heritage. “Slam Obsidian” will highlight the achievements of the following important African Canadian figures: Marie Joseph Angelique, Harriet Tubman, Anne Cools, Viola Davis Desmond, Carrie Best, Willie O’ree, Elijah Mccoy, Oscar Peterson, Harry Jerome and Sam Langford.