Overture Radio is a student run radio program (podcast based) that encourages youth to find their voice, promotes creative thinking and inspires self-expression. Overture Radio will provide high school students with the tools and training to produce an hour long radio show.

Students will work with professional radio announcer Kimberley Sullivan (The Beat Montreal announcer) and learn the ins and outs of radio journalism. Students will take part in weekly 2-hour workshops to:

  1. Develop radio and broadcast journalism skills, which includes news and commentary writing, on-air announcing and interviewing, board operation, and music programming
  2. Explore music and video production, and sound design
  3. Examine media literacy

Through the student run radio show Overture Radio aims to promote intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, toward a better understanding of today’s youth and their contributions to the community.


  1. Inspire critical thinking and social change
  2. Support the production of hour long radio shows (podcast based) that reflects the diversity of the school’s community
  3. Encourage communication, co-operation and teamwork

During the first few weeks of the program students will learn the basics of radio broadcasting, reporting, writing and on-air production. The following weeks students will apply the skills that they learned to produce hour long radio shows.