Master Class LogoMaster Classes: Conversations with Entertainment Industry Visionaries and Pioneers.

The Master Class Series is a collection of hour-long workshops, which focus on conversations with entertainment industry professionals who share their experiences about working in the industry.

Audiences will hear stories from our Masters on how they got their start in the entertainment industry; steps they took to help shape their careers; disappointments or failures that happen along the way; what inspires them; and receive practical advice.

This is also a great forum to network with other creative and like-minded individuals.

Workshop Goals & Objectives

  • Provide youth with first hand advice about the entertainment industry
  • Analyze the current trends and changes in the entertainment industry
  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Cultivate networking opportunities
  • Create a platform for Montreal’s stars of tomorrow

Master Class: #1 | Omari Newton | May 7, 2014

Master Class: #1 | Omari Newton | May 7, 2014  |  Q & A