Echoes of Anne Frank is a ​series of S​poken​ ​Word ​workshops for​ high school students that educate youth about Holocaust Education Month (November). Students are challenged to explore the depths of human struggle by examining the first person narrative of Anne Frank through creative writing and ​S​poken ​W​ord. Students will be guided, as they inhabit the emotional and social context found in her diaries.

Workshops​ will be divided into three (3) parts.

1. Understanding: To understand The Diary of Anne Frank, the students will be briefed on the sociological, political and historical climate in which the book takes place. Students will be challenged to draw parallels with their own experiences and re-imagine the circumstances unfolding in their own lives. This process will allow youth to not only sympathize, but also empathize — they will not only understand the injustice, they will defend against injustice.

2. Discovering: In the discovery section, the students will internalize the experiences of the book and write down the details of their thoughts. Where, What, When, Why? With these details they will creatively write Anne Frank’s experiences in their own words using poetic devices. This will enable them to relate to the lived experience of Anne Frank. They will then commit their text to memory.

3. Connecting: The connection section will teach delivery and presence. Delivery and presence are key to transmitting the social and emotional depth as authentic and important. The effectiveness of the performance allows the poetry to resonate with others — sharing the depth of human tragedy cruelty and perseverance.